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1st Time Investor

Why should you use an agent for real estate investing? Are you new to real estate investing? Starting in real estate investing can be overwhelming and I completely
understand. You May be afraid to pull the trigger on projects because you are unsure of the values and don’t want to lose your money.

A real estate agent is a very important member of your team that you should not overlook. Whether you are a Buy and Hold investor, Flipper or Hard Money Lender, the value of the home is the most critical number which needs to be accurate in order for the investment to be a success. Not only can agents pull sold comparable sales, they can also show you the competition which is very important. Sharing My contacts such as title companies, lenders and surveyors would also be a benefit of working with me. Concerning rentals, an area can be oversaturated with rentals and vacancies will be very high. You may not know this on your own. There may appear to be great deals in these areas, but if you have to have a vacancy for 3 months or lower your rent to compete, your return on your investment could be much lower than anticipated. For flippers, I can inform you of the hot are as and what buyers are looking for in the current buying environment. Believe it or not, inspection items can be a deal breaker if they are not remedied ahead of time. I could educate you on the safety and health items that will be scrutinized during an inspection.

Remember, cosmetic updates get them in the door, but the big systems like roof and plumbing is what keeps them in the contract. If there are too many deficiencies, the buyer will lose faith in the home. You might even hear the dreaded “the contractor/owner just put lipstick on a pig”. You Don’t want to hear that! Do you know the nuances of the neighborhoods that you are investing in? Is one side of the street more desirable than the other? Are the buyers out in full force or is it slowing down? Do you know the average days on market or vacancy rates? So many factors that you may not think of that a knowledgeable agent will bring to the table. Even if you are mainly dealing with off-market properties, an agent can give you reliable information that will help you evaluate the property.

What you Don’t know can be very expensive in real estate. I’m not saying that a realtor should evaluate properties for you but the knowledge of the market of an educated agent should be considered. Even if you are wholesaler yourself, an agent can be a great resource for you .If you are ready to start your investment career or just have some questions that weren’t answered please feel free to give me a call. Happy Investing!!