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3 Reasons to Sell This Winter

By November 19, 2021January 7th, 2022Real Estate

❄❄❄ 3 Reasons to Sell This Winter ❄❄❄

Have you been thinking about selling your home but you’re not sure if you should do it now or wait until spring??? Stick around and watch this video and I give you 3 very compelling reasons NOT TO WAIT!

3 reasons why you should sell your home now.

Number 1. There is less competition now. When there are fewer choices for buyers, sellers will usually get a higher price for their homes, especially if it shows well.

Number 2. Demand is strong. We are still seeing multiple offers and reduced market times in certain price ranges.

And Number 3. It’s a great time to move up or downsize. Interest rates are still very low, but are expected to increase throughout this year. So, if you ACT NOW, as a buyer you will be able to afford more. And, as a seller, you’ll have a larger pool of buyers that are able to pay more for your home.

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