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3 Tips to Get Your Offer is Accepted

Are you competing with other buyers on your dream home or do you want to make sure you’ve got the best chance of getting your offer accepted? Well, you’re watching
the right video these three buyer tips are sure to help you.I’ve helped hundreds of buyers get their dream home so I know how scary it can be and how excited you can get. It’s my job to help you get your dream home. Here are a few tips.

Number one, make sure you’ve offered a competitive price on the home, if there are multiple offers, and you are able to remove the appraisal or loan contingency, then do so. But make sure you know the risks in doing so.

Number two, put down a larger earnest money deposit. It shows that you are serious and also shows that you have money and most likely are more qualified to purchase. Be sure not to remove your loan or appraisal contingencies until you are absolutely certain that you are fully approved to purchase the home and the underwriter has given the full approval, otherwise you could stand to loose that deposit. What if you don’t have enough money for a large down payment? Well, maybe i you can remove some of your contingencies? For example, Maybe you’ve seen the inspections and know the house is in great shape, you could remove the inspection contingencies. Or, you’ve been through the entire approval process and have DU approval, then you can remove your loan contingency so that your offer looks stronger.

Number three, let the seller know that you have not written offers on any other properties, you’ve verified the taxes and taken them into consideration in regards to your payment, let them know that you are going to be as reasonable are possible in regards to repairs and requests once you go into escrow. Write them a personal letter identifying specific things in the home that you love and include a family picture. Believe it or not all of this helps, especially if the seller has emotional attachment to the home. Hey, listen there are so many more tips that I can show you, but It would take to long.

Give me a call and let me assist you in getting your dream home. And don’t forget, it doesn’t cost you anything to work with me, the seller pays for my fees but I’m here to protect you.