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HGTV vs. and Actual Investment Flip

HGTV makes flipping houses look soooo easy, the reality is, however, nothing like what they portray. The episodes are scripted and planned and that’s just not the way it happens in real life. So now you’re probably thinking “well what’s the difference?”.

First of all, you need a good amount of time to invest, and have available capital if you want to be successful in the world of flipping. You have to be able to plan for any and all issues. Honestly, if walls could talk everyone would do it. But the truth is, there will be unforeseen issues and costs. So, the big question you have to ask yourself is “do I truly have the time and money to overcome those issues and costs?” First item on your list should be finding a good list of professionals that you can turn to for advice and instruction. You need to make sure that if you choose to hire a realtor that they truly understand the process from beginning to end and can give you a reasonable evaluation of the property and what your actual profit potential will be, whether you buy to repair, restore and flip or keep the property for a long term investment.

Our team has experience in the field of flipping and we have a solid grasp of the rental and retail housing market and can find our clients the property opportunities and give good qualified information based on current and past market trends.