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Keep your mouth shut.

By December 10, 2021January 7th, 2022Real Estate

Keep Your Mouth Shut…!!!

What do I mean by that?. Well over the last 25 years, being one of the top brokers selling in Los Feliz 90027 and Silverlake, 90039 and 90026. I can’t tell you all the craziness I’ve seen in this industry. Make sure you let my team and I do the negotiating for you.

You can’t imagine the cats that you can let out of the bag when you talk to the buyer or buyer’s agent. You may think you’re being nice, but you never know that what you may say, could actually kill the deal or cost you an enormous amount of money.

Negotiations are another key factor when selling. So you want to hire an agent who has extensive training in negotiations. I’m a Master Certified Negotiation Expert, that means I’ve been taught more than the average bear when it comes to negotiating.

Certain things matter when negotiating, like the type of words that you use or your tone of voice, or how quickly you answer a question. Those things can drastically affect the outcome of negotiations unless you’ve had extensive training on how to properly negotiate. And the good news is, I have.

It’s scary to think that someone with such little experience can be negotiating on your largest investment. Bottom line, you’ve got to be careful. Not all agents are created equal. Just because someone close to you has their real estate license and is willing to give you a discount on the commission, watch out, that so-called discount can cost you thousands of dollars due to lack of experience, knowledge and know-how.

It’s kind of like that awesome “thing” I’ll let you fill in the blank, that you got at the discount store that seemed like such a great deal at the time, and ended up falling apart and costing you so much headache.

And that’s just a thing, imagine your home sale falling apart, it’s your most valued asset. So don’t leave the biggest investment of your entire life in the hands of someone who only sells a few houses a year. Go to an expert.

O.k. So we’ve learned on this video the importance of negotiating, we talked previously about the importance of exposure and digital marketing when selling. In a later video we’re going to talk about pricing. David HItt here. Please reach out to us here at The HITT Home Team so we can guide you through your sale from when the sign goes up on your lawn, all the way until we hand over the keys to the new buyer and help place you into your new home.

We protect you while growing your real estate wealth!