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March Market Update

If you’re wondering if now is right time to put your home on the market, you’re in the right place?

I’ve worked with thousands of sellers and I know how difficult it must be knowing who to believe. Well, I always say, let see what the data tells us. Nationwide we have the lowest number of single family homes listed on the market since last June. This is important for you to know as a seller because you won’t be competing with as many homes. Also, historically, April, May and June are the months where inventory is always the highest, so as a seller you’ll be competing with more homes if you wait.

The other advantage to selling now is that mortgage rates were lower in January then we’ve seen in the past 8 month, which means more buyers can qualify to purchase your home now. So lower interest rates and lower inventory are both an advantage for a seller. Worried about a crash. I think not!! You see the major fluencers in Real Estate are all projecting growth and appreciation through 2020. So, be careful when you read articles saying that we are heading into a recession. What we do see is that home appreciation isn’t increasing quite as drastically as previous years, but the Experts are projecting that prices will continue to appreciate through 2020 but just at lower levels. And honestly, this slow down will actually be a benefit to the housing market. Look, I know there is so much noise out there and it’s hard to decipher and that’s why working with an experienced expert who who truly knows the in’s and out’s of what really going, on is essential to maximizing the return on your most precious investment. Reach out and we’d be glad to advise you.