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What Is Your Investment Criteria?

Can you buy a house for rent in the same way you buy an apartment building? This is a question I receive a lot when a client asks me to help them to find their first rental property. Defining your personal criteria for real estate purchases is a vital step in successful real estate investing.

This is important you start asking yourself this kind of questions before jumping to buy a property: What is your Real estate investment strategy: Buy and Hold, house flipping or wholesaling, Your goal cash-on-cash returns This is the level of return/cashflow you want to achieve with your investment.

Your budget Your budget may be surprisingly difficult to define. Property size like single family, townhouse, condominium, fourplex, multifamily etc. Desired property characteristics are the property-specific characteristics that you can give to your Realtor at the beginning. The process of buying your first rental could be enjoyable or a nightmare if you don’t know what you are looking for, a lot of people start looking for something that they do not know. And do not worry, there is never any pressure or obligation to meet with us. We are only here to help you find the best strategy when it comes to selling. I hope to get news from you.